Welcome!  I’m Rachel.  I create whimsical, cute, fun designs that will make you smile. I specialize in surface pattern design and illustration.  I can’t help it – my love for design is innate.  I grew up surrounded in artistry; my mom was a weaver, my dad was a blacksmith, and my Nana, Elsie, cultivated my creativity.

She was an amazing woman who, from a tiny white cottage on Martha’s Vineyard, would write me letters every week on the cutest stationery.  She would have me practice drawing straight lines and she was undeniably sweet.  Well, except for the time she made me clean her dentures for saying a not-so-lady-like word!  To this day I have flashbacks of standing in front of that sink, scrubbing away.  She believed in me like no other.  My Nana understood that little things that made people smile were big things.  I currently live outside of Austin, Texas with my husband and daughter.  I strive to be for my daughter what my own mom was for me – a creative inspiration to live my dreams.

Please take a look around. I hope you delight in seeing these designs as much as it delights me to create them.