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If you have known me personally for any amount of time you know I always have a crazy plan or the next big idea.  You may have noticed that this blog hasn’t seen an update in a while and I can think of a million reasons why but mainly is because I haven’t put the time or energy into my photography business as I had hoped.   I love to take photos that will be cherished for a lifetime and I love to capture people just the way they are.  But on the other hand there are things that I don’t like such as missing time with my daughter who will only be young once.  And I can’t post without adding a picture of my sweet daughter so her is one I took of her a few months ago.

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 Is now six and is getting her big girl teeth now.  She is giggly and sweet with such a kind heart.  I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family.  Here is a more serious one of her. 

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  • Karolina - Awww, this is so sweet (:

Meet baby M. I had a great time meeting her a few weeks ago.  She slept like a dream and was a doll to photograph.   

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I have know this little cutie since she was just a few months old.  She is so adorable and full of life.  We took some photos yesterday to celebrate.  Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie

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  • Tori Piercy - Awww she is juts beautiful! Love the artwork on this. Beautiful photo and happy birthday to her!

  • Rebekah - Oh man, she is going to LOVE this! So fun.

  • EmilyC - LOVE this! What a cute idea!

  • EmilyC - Love this! What a great idea!

  • Christie - Oh my gosh, I LOVE that! She looks like a little angel, and the crown and wings are so perfect! What a creative idea, love love love!!!

 Several weeks ago I got the pleasure of spending time with this sweet little man.  He was tiny tiny and awake for most of our session but I was able to sneak in this one of him sleeping.   He was just as cute as can be.  

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  • Shonda Feddema - Awww… so tiny and brand new – very sweet!

  • susie L - Beautiful shot – love your conversion. It’s such a peaceful image!

  • Kari - LOVE the angle on this one! Gorgeous!

  • Kari - Love the angle on this! Gorgeous!

  • Connie - Sweet and pure. Precious!

  • vickie - Adorable! Love your conversion.

  • Tori Piercy - Awww so so adorable! Love the conversion!

  • angela crutcher - What a beautiful capture! Love the simplicity of this! It’s perfect!

  • rebekah - Such a peaceful emotion comes from this! Great conversion, too.

  • Tamara - Love it!