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whaleyI’ve been having a great time working on cutesy valentines this year.  I spent way too much time making the perfect otter pair this earlier week and today I worked on some fun whales.

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  • joystudio - Hi Rachel – I am really enjoying seeing your brand new site. Very nice job! Still exploring.

If you ask me if I went on a Martha Stewart paint binge a few weekends ago I would deny all charges. When painting the other day I was trying to find just the right color. I hate that paints can look so different when wet so I decided to paint a dab on each lid for easy reference. I just put a small drop of paint on the lid swirled it around with my finger tip and let it dry. Now I can find just the right shade of pink when I need it. A special thanks to the creature comforts blog for the washi tape download. It be found here http://www.creaturecomfortsblog.com/home/2010/7/20/color-crush-mint-and-mocha-free-washi-tape-download.html !

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It was quite some time ago that I saw the Magical thinking jar online at the inchmark blog I loved the thought of saving the sweet little things your child tells you. I made my own jar last year unfortunately it was not for my daughter but my mom who I recently lost. See I have the worst memory and I was afraid I would forgot the everyday things we use to do. Sure I will always remember her calling to tell me to turn on the thanksgiving day parade or her making sure I ate my black-eyed peas on new year’s day but what about the everyday things we did I was afraid they would fade with time. So here it is I poured my heart into this jar until it was just right.

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  • Merissa - I saw this pretty photo of yours on Flickr and when I came to visit your blog and read this post it touched my heart. This is such an amazing idea. I love how you kept the everyday things that you and your mom did as notes written in this wonderful jar. Beautiful!

  • joystudio - Love this Rachel. I made some of these as well, same reason. 😉

I have spent a lot of time lately thinking about what truly makes me happy. And if you have known me for any length of time you probably know that changes fairly often. It’s about that time again but this time there is no next big thing. I am just going to do what I love whatever that may be at the moment or second and enjoy being a creator. I have learned so much about myself in all of my endeavors and in my heart I know there is my own little place in the creative world out there I just have to find it.

After much thought and consideration I have decided to no longer offer photography services. If you are interested in a session please feel free to contact Mariel Reyes at www.marielreyes.com she will be glad to help you.

My cliché new year’s resolution is to listen to my heart and do what makes me happy! I made the two paintings above today as the first step in that direction. I hope you like them as much as I do.

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Tomorrow my sweet pea will be celebrating her 7th birthday by having an American Girl craft party at Micheal’s. I decided to put together a little something for the girls attending so I made their dolls little cupcakes as thank you gift.  I used craft felt for the bases then needle felted the cake tops and added a little cherry for good measure. I then wrapped each of their bases in tissue and tied them with a little bow.  Then I tucked them in to take out boxes and added a bow and a sticker. 

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