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I will be honest I hate having my photo taken, despise it actually. But today my favorite unwilling subject was napping and the husband was unavailable so what what I suppose to do? So I got my handy remote and snapped away. This was probably the only one that did not make me want to vomit. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. Monday I go back to work do I have to?

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I picked up the cutest little snowflake edible not really sprinkles at the store. They were flaky like sprinkles but light wafery and slightly sweet. Well they called for mini cupcakes with light blue frosting. So today A and I went up to her school and brought them a plate. They were happy and I was happy there were less to eat around the house. We also baked tons of holiday cookies today yum. Including my all time favorite cookies with cinnamon chips and candied pecans. I would love to hear what your favoirite is.

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This is J during the day I work with his mom. The other day they came over and we took some of the cutest shots of him. J’s grandma is always so nice. She always is so excited about the photos I take. She ohs and awe’s over them and honestly to make someone so happy is really wonderful.


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gingerbread b

Every year my daughter and I make a gingerbread house, this year was no exception. I put the icing on and she applied the candies. We had an extra gingerbread man on the top of the roof but unfortunately he feel off before the icing hardened. With each passing day the candies usually start to disappear I suspect from my husband and stepson. I would say my youngest but I always put the house where she can’t reach it. I guess they think I won’t notice. So what ever you believe in this season I wish you a amazing holiday filled with love and happiness.

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small sam
This is S, right at about 3 months old. He was the very first newborn I took pictures of. He is as cute and sweet as can be. It runs in the family as his big brother is also super cute.

See I told ya so isn’t he the cutest thing.

erin belly
Next is E one of my good friends, she has since had her son J. Didn’t she have the prettiest belly?

side cutie bw b
And here he is sweet baby J so tiny and cute.

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