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This is an oldie but goodie of my sweetest little one. She is four going on 20. Today she had a valentines party at school. She said Mom I am going to give my first valentine to Parker then I am going to marry him. I asked what he said about all of this she said ” Oh Brother” How I love this age I doesn’t get any cuter.

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This last weekend we went to a super hero party. There were the cutest little boys running around in their puffy armed spider man costumes. But there were not many girl costumes. Well to be honest not any. So this week my daughter was home sick and asked me to make her a super hero costume. Here is the result. A hilarious cape that I made complete with a mask. She topped if off with a pair of bunny ears. I love this age its too fun.

My Little Super Hero

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Some friends came over yesterday and I got these of their sweetie pie J. So stinking adorable I could just eat him up.





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Recently my husband and I had friends over for dinner. A beautiful sweet couple with the cutest kids you have ever seen. Big sister has so much energy and is so full of life and her little brother is just as calm as can be. I used the opportunity to take a few shots of them together. Here is one of my favorites.


A little while after sending some of the images to mamma. I got this in my e-mail.

You have an incredible talent. It takes a seriously talented person to capture precious moments in time. I mean it soooooo much. You are a great photographer. Your pictures sometimes make me want to cry. Thanks so much. They are precious!!!

So I wanted to say thank you. It means the world to me that they mean so much to you.

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Allot of times when I edit photos there are images that stand out and need to be edited right after a session. Other times I go back in and take a look at photos I have not worked with in a few days and I find ones like the image above. I always wonder why I never saw it before. Most of the time the end up being one of my favorites.

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