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I tend to be overly mushy when it comes to posts like this but I can’t help myself. My baby girl not so little any more is almost 6. I will miss her baby teeth when they are gone. I fear it will be any day now. There are already reports from school that her friends are losing theirs. I won’t go into my phobia of lose teeth that’s another story. Photos like this steal my heart and make me smile from the inside out . I am so glad I do what I do. Because years from now I can look back and see her just how she is today.

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  • Elle - Stunning!! Love your processing here too!

  • Jessica - Gorgeous!

  • Michelle W - Oh my gosh it stole my heart to and she isn’t even my daughter! She is adorable and I love the moment you decided to click the shutter.

  • Emily - Gorgeous!

  • jodie - This is absolutely stunning.. I gasped!


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